Changing Jobs? The Grass isn't Always Greener!

When frustrated or tired of a role at a company, the most obvious reaction for many is to look for another job at another company. Sometimes a change in scenery can be what you need. But, it may not always be what you need so it's worth considering alternative options.


How to Describe, Publish & Consume Real-Time Data

In this final post in the real-time data series we’ll cover the how: how to describe, publish & consume real-time data from your systems and expose the data so that you can build real-time features. The main steps we’re going to cover are doing Analysing & Processing, Describing the data, Publishing the data and finally Consuming and Using that data within and app.


Use Cases for Your Real-Time Data

In this second post I want to cover ways in which you can use the real-time data that you have now identified within your apps. Specifically, how you can use that data to understand what’s happening right now in your apps and how it enables you to build awesome real-time features for your customers.


Discovering the Real-Time Data in Your Apps

Real-time notifications, data visualisation, communication, collaboration… Whether the aim is to improve user experience or to facilitate the management of your infrastructure, the ability to collect, process, and deliver data in real-time is critical. Every application has real-time data. In this post I'll cover how to find that real-time data with any application that you build.


What is Real-Time?

What is Real-Time? – it’s a question that is asked a lot. It’s a fundamental question that I’m sure many are curious to get a definition for. In this post I'll clarify what real-time is and focus on the context of web, mobile and IoT apps.


Reinventing Communication with Nexmo

Reinventing Communication with Nexmo preview image

I'm very excited to be joining Nexmo - a cloud communications platform - as Head of Developer Relations. In this post I'll cover why I've joined Nexmo and what I hope the DevRel team will bring to the Nexmo platform, company and developer community.


Defining Developer Relations

Defining Developer Relations preview image

The number of companies looking to build developer relations teams is on the increase. But what developer relations means to each company tends to differ; some hire advocates and some hire evangelists, some are looking to market to developers and others see developer feedback as key to the success of their product. What's the difference between these job titles? How do you know the roles and activities that will work best for your company?


Real-Time Fundamentals

Real-Time Fundamentals preview image

There are lots of real-time frameworks which exist to allow us to build real-time features and functionality into our apps. However, I often see developers who are excited about discovering real-time framework X and then proclaim *now to find a use for it*. Every single application has real-time data and every single application could benefit from real-time feature driven by that data. So I felt compelled to write a series of posts.