The unique name of Leggetter

Leggetter" is a unique name. There are very few (comparatively) that share the name Leggetter. With this uniqueness comes an interest in where the name came from and who else shares it. So, below is a little family tree to help other Leggetters quench that curiosity.

The Leggetter Family Tree

The Leggetter Family Tree requires Java. It may take a while to load so please be patient. If you cannot see anything below after a while or you know that you do not have java installed then please visit and install the latest Java Virtual Machine.

This family tree was taken from another site on the Internet so if anybody has any problems with it being here just e-mail me and I'll take it down. Also, if you are a Leggetter and are not happy with this information being freely available just let me know.

The information here isn't entirely correct nor, I'm guessing, is it completely up to date but it does provide some interesting information.

To find somebody in the tree simply right-click and select "Find" from the menu that appears.

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