Reclaiming Twitter

13 Jan 2013

For a long while now I've not been getting as much out of Twitter as I used to. There's too much information to take in.

I've long said that Twitter is throw-away. If you miss something then it doesn't matter. If it's important then I'll see a retweet or pick up the information from somewhere else. This is wrong. Just because it's not being retweeted by everybody it doesn't mean it's not a worthwhile update. Just because it doesn't get upvoted on Hacker News it doesn't mean that it's not relevant to me.

Somethings is wrong with how I use Twitter. I know I'm not getting as much value from it as I should. It's still a great source of information when asking questions. But I want to be able to listen, reply and having better conversations.

I follow(ed) 940 Twitter users. That's too many. So, I've unfollowed everyone!


Now to reclaim Twitter

I'm going to start from scratch. I'm going to follow those that I've had conversations with recently. I'm going to re-follow those that I know I've read tweets from recently and gained value from. I'm going to start following others who I have conversations with or discover again.

Reclaimed with a hack

I obviously didn't want to have to do this manually. That would probably have taken a while. I had a quick search for apps to let me unfollow everybody but most apps appear to offer a limited number of unfollows and then require some sort of upgrade. So, I've hacked something together that I can use in future and may be useful to others. It's now in a Reclaim Social github repo.