Talking Realtime at FluentConf

31 May 2012

I recently gave a my Realtime Web Apps in the Wild talk at Fluent Conference in San Francisco. It's a pretty big event with some impressive and well-informed speakers, so it was great to be part of.


You can find the slides from the talk in the mode which controls the second screen application here:

The slides also contain links to the demo videos for the appropriate slides, identified by this image:

Remember to check out the cool Ghosts demo.

If you are interested in this realtime technology then why not sign up for a free Pusher account and add some realtime functionality to your web or mobile application.

WebSocket v HTTP latency

I was asked some information about HTTP v WebSocket latency so here are some graphs from some a CometD benchmarks blog post demonstrate latency comparisons.

CometD 2.4.0 HTTP latency:

CometD 2.4.0 WebSocket latency

Ericson WebSockets v HTTP Long-Polling comparison

I also came across this video which visually demonstrates the latency using a demo.