Goodbye Kwwika. Hello Pusher!

21 May 2011

If you follow me on Twitter or if I've met up with you in the past few weeks you'll probably know, or have guessed the news. I'm leaving Kwwika, and have joined Pusher. Whilst it's disappointing to leave a project that I've spent the last one year and three months on behind, the move to Pusher couldn't have happened without it.

My new role as Developer Evangelist at Pusher is the type of role that I've been trying to build for myself for a long time and it's fantastic that Max and Damien at Pusher have given me this opportunity. The days that I've enjoyed most over the past year and a bit have been the days when I've been working with others, interacting online, attending events, writing blog posts to gauge opinion and share ideas, and learning from others. This is exactly what I'll be doing in my new job. Awesome!

Phil Leggetter with co-founder of Pusher, Damien Tanner

What is Pusher?

Pusher is a hosted HTML5 WebSockets service that makes it possible to quickly, easily and securely add real-time functionality to any web, mobile or desktop application (anything connected to the Internet). This sort of thing is ideally suited to collaboration and communication apps, multiplayer games, real-time dashboards, social media integration, real-time messaging and a whole range of applications that have yet to be discovered.

Please drop me an email or send me a tweet if you have any questions at all.