Anybody fancy a real-time web workshop?

04 May 2010


I'm doing a real-time web workshop on May 16 for the SPA 2010 Conference and I'd like to do a trial run with a group of around eight people to get feedback and refine it some more. Details about the workshop can be found here:

In the workshop we'll discuss the real-time web and the enabling technologies, highlight the comet/server push technologies that are presently available, and use the Kwwika service to show how to:

  1. Add real-time data to any web page
  2. Create a better real-time search results page
  3. Add real-time publishing from a web page
  4. Create a real-time collaboration and communication example

If there is sufficient interest I'll try and sort out a venue next week. The workshop will probably take around 3.5 hours so I'll need to sort out times once I get an idea of interest. I'll try to keep the presentation side of things to a minimum and concerntrate on discussion and development exercises. For this we'll need internet access and a computer for development. It may also be a good idea to pair during the exercises.


Edinburgh or Dundee during the week beginning Monday 10 May 2010.

Anyway, please give me a shout if you are interested. Or if you would be interested but don't have that much time to spare maybe we can do a shortened version.

[email protected]