Real-Time Web Posts 03/03/2010

03 Mar 2010

I'm doing my best to keep up to speed on any news related to the real-time web. I follow interesting people on Twitter who tweet out links, I subscribe to RSS feeds and I've got Google Alerts set up on a number of phrases. Since I'm doing all this work I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing it by publishing the findings in an occasional summary blog post. I generally don't like blog posts which just say "this is an interesting article" but sometimes, if it raises awareness of good articles, it can be useful. Hopefully it will be.

I tend to first post the links on the Real-Time Web Software and Technologies LinkedIn group so if you are interested on getting the news as I find it, or contributing your own real-time web finds then please join the group. Also feel free to Tweet at me or contact me via the website if you find anything interesting and relevant.


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