Running in Hertford

04 Jul 2009

My girlfriend was out at the Take That concert at Wembley so I was left on my own this Saturday afternoon. Not knowing what to do with myself as the evening approached I decided to go for a run. Normally I find running quite difficult. As I run my mind tends to concentrate on my breathing which puts me off the run. The difference today was that I went exploring.

I commute in to London most days from Hertford East. Over the past few weeks taking the train journey has been quite painful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the heat on the train is really uncomfortable and secondly because the train goes through a beautifully scenic area between Hertford and Ware called Kings Mead which makes you wish were out walking through the nature reserve rather than in a hot stuffy carriage.

So, tonight I went for a run around Kings Mead and really enjoyed it. I took a couple of Qik videos, some photos of St. Leonards Church which was en-route, and I've even created a map of my run.

43 Feet Stone

The stone that is shown right at the start of the video says "43 Feet" on it. It did have some other writing on it but I couldn't get close enough to read it. The other interesting point in this video is the penalty of FIVE POUNDS for violating any of the rules on the sign. The sign could maybe do with being updated.


St. Leonards Church, Hertford

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Run around Hertford Map

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