round table

27 Jun 2009

On Monday between 19:00 and 21:00 I'm going to a Bing roundtable (round table) in London. The event is being organise by Colin Mercer and is described as:

a small round-table event to discuss Bing and since we saw your recent tweet regarding comparative search results between Bing and Google, we thought that you might be interested in coming along. The idea would be to get your initial thoughts and you'll get an update on the future steps for Bing which are being developed specifically for the UK. During the session you’ll have the chance to talk with Microsoft representatives and other people from social media like yourself, who have expressed some early opinion.

It would appear the event is being attended by a number of web 2.0, social media, marketing and internet types.

Phil Bradley
Phil is interested in Internet searching, Web 2.0 resources, search engines and their development. Phil has confirmed. I recommend following Phil Bradley on Twitter.
James Barlow
James Barlow is an independent consultant specialising in information technology and project/programme management.
Tom Warren
I don't have any additional information on Tom.
Chris Hambly
Chris lists himself as a successful Digital Media Entrepreneur
Josh Russell
Josh has tweeted that he's going. He provides micro-consulting on web application strategy
David Stuart
David is going. David blog provides thoughts of a Web 2.0 research fellow on all things in the technological sphere that capture his interest.
Karen Blakeman
Karen's blogs about search tools, Internet technologies and resources for business information. Karen has confirmed.
Neil Robinson
Neil describes himself as passionate about using the right technology to drive business forward.
Kevin Harrington
Looks like Kevin had some initial trouble confirming his attendance but I think he's coming now.
Mark Sharp
Mark designs and runs a number of websites for myself and for other people and organisations
Andrea Giammarchi
Andrea's profile says JavaScript Ninja and both PHP/ECMAScript Certified Engineer

We are being encouraged to "live blog" the event.

Please come armed with all of your thoughts, opinions and questions for the Bing team. This meet-up is about everyone getting the chance to have their say. We’ll make sure you’re able to live blog during the event

So, I'll be armed with my laptop (for tweeting) and HTC Touch Pro (for video, if appropriate) and will try and ask as many questions as possible and get as much information out to the real-time web as I can. My personal angle will be one of technology. For example:

  • How Bing are pushing use of the Bing API and Bing developer centre.
  • What are they doing to ensure information is available to the real-time web as quickly as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions that you'd like asked and I'll do my best to ask them. You can do this in a number of ways. During the event the hashtag in use will be #meetbing. Prior to the event I'd suggest people maybe use #askbing. Failing that you can contact me directly or leave a comment on this blog post.