Drag Drop bug in JQuery UI 1.5.3

31 Jan 2009

JQuery UI Update - 31/01/2009 @ 17:15

Richard Worth just got in touch with me via twitter to let me know that JQuery UI 1.5.3 is only compatible with JQuery 1.2.6.

The bug is not in jQuery UI 1.5.3, but just that 1.5.3 is only compatible with 1.2.6. Only 1.6rc5+ is compatible with jQuery 1.3

Therefore to use JQuery with JQuery UI from the Google Ajax Libraries hosted service you need to do one of the following:

Script includes

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript"

Google Library loading

google.load("jquery", "1.2.6");
google.load("jqueryui", "1.5.3");


JQuery seems to be the most active of the JavaScript libraries at the moment so I decided to use it for a little project. I've also decided to use the Google AJAX Libraries APIs hosted service to serve up the JavaScript files. At present Google is hosting JQuery UI version 1.5.3. After a bit of investigation I've determined that there is a bug in the Drag and Drop functionality in this version. It would appear that the "drop" function is not fired when you try to drop a draggable element on a droppable zone. I verified this by changing the JQuery UI version to the 1.6 RC that the JQuery UI droppable demo is using at the moment. When I did this the drag and drop functionality worked as expected.

This may be a know issue but I thought a small post on the matter might save other people a bit of time. I did have a look at raising a bug but there appears to be a bug in the bug tracking system.