Linkstation NAS Folder share with Windows Vista

22 May 2007

I've just treated myself to a new laptop and one of the first things I found was that I couldn't access my NAS (Network Attached Storage) with windows explorer using Windows Vista Ultimate. Vista could see the NAS on the network but whenever I tried to access it I would get prompted for a password. However, I have no password set for accessing to the NAS.

Linkstation + Windows Vista Ultimate = Why won't it work?

So, after a bit of googling I came across a patch that updates a registry setting to allow Vista to navigate to network shares on the Linkstation NAS machine. I downloaded the patch for discontinued Linkstation because that's the model I have. Patches are also available for other Linkstation versions via the Buffalo download page.

It's also worth noting that the best place for Buffalo downloads is the url and NOT the url. The first of the options seems to have more available; e.g. it has the patch for the Linkstation.