I’m doing my best to keep up to speed on any news related to the real-time web. I follow interesting people on Twitter who tweet out links, I subscribe to RSS feeds and I’ve got Google Alerts set up on a number of phrases. Since I’m doing all this work I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing it by publishing the findings in an occasional summary blog post. I generally don’t like blog posts which just say “this is an interesting article” but sometimes, if it raises awareness of good articles, it can be useful. Hopefully it will be.

I tend to first post the links on the Real-Time Web Software and Technologies LinkedIn group so if you are interested on getting the news as I find it, or contributing your own real-time web finds then please join the group. Also feel free to Tweet at me or contact me via the website if you find anything interesting and relevant.


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  • Martin Tyler

    The Kaazing blogs put across a really confusing message. They love to talk about WebSockets and how they solve everything – but are really just pushing their own software (understandably) – if WebSocket is so great why do you need their software at all? – because of the points Greg and I made in our blogs. It seems like a case of bandwagon jumping to me, the fact that they have fallback mechanisms for when WebSocket doesn’t work proves you don’t need WebSocket to do all the things they talk about!

    • http://www.leggetter.co.uk Phil Leggetter

      I think Kaazing are looking to be very clearly associated with WebSocket technology. They must feel that it’s going to be big and want to “get a piece of the action” :-). They’ve managed 2nd position in a Google for the term WebSocket so they are achieving their goal.

      Like you, I think it’s worth leveraging the technology where appropriate but ultimately I just want real-time technology that works. WebSockets aren’t the silver bullet and, for the moment, the best way to achieve real-time server to client and client to server communication is though an API which hides away the communication protocol and technology.

  • http://www.lightstreamer.com Alessandro Alinone

    I agree with you guys. Caplin and Lightstreamer do not need WebSockets to provide better experience, features, or performance. We (Lightstreamer) will support them as soon as it makes sense, but WebSockets will just be another hidden transport.

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