Le Grest & Co. 58 Fairfield Street SW18

21 Aug 2010

We live in a flat that was previously occupied by Jo's Grandparents. One of the things we do occasionally is sort out a room or cupboard. Today I'm tidying up a room for a friend to move in whilst he's finishing his University course.

I've already tweeted a number of times about a metal bed that I've had to dismantle. This most recent find isn't all that interesting to look at but when you see a label that details where it was manufactured, and then find that place on Google maps to see the place has clearly completely changed, it becomes interesting.

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This piece of furniture is just a table on wheels (I'm sure it has a better name) and it was built by Le Grest & Co. at 58 Fairfield Street SW18. The place in in Wandsworth and was most probably a place where a lot of manufacturing companies set up. But as we move to a tertiary economy these places are torn down and replaced with offices, shops and/or flats.

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A google for Le Grest & Co. only turns up a few links. It would appear that they are probably no longer building furniture or trading, and that Le Grest was most probably a play on "leg rest" based on one page and a listing on on ebay.


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