Hit roond (around) the heed (head) by a faash (fish)

12 Sep 2010

I was out with my friend. We'd had a couple of pints at the Taychreggan and decided to head into Broughty Ferry, near Dundee. On the way along Dundee Road I got hit, around the head, with a fish. It hurt. It wasn't a small fish. It's probably a mackerel (really not sure) weighing a few pounds. It jolted my neck. It bounced off of my neck and head and hit my friend.

Now, because it's two guys of 31 it's funny. We can deal with it. We can probably see the funny side of it. If it were were an old couple, and the fish hit an old lady, it would not be funny. It could actually have caused some damage.

I'd love to find out who this was. I don't want them to get in too much trouble. I want them to volunteer to go into stocks and get pelted with faash guts. I'd laugh and I'm sure I could get a few quid for a charity. 

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