Government invests £200m in technology centres but no mention of Software or Information Technology

25 Oct 2010

I just saw a tweet by @mhawksey linking to a government announcement:

More than £200m will be invested by the Government in a network of elite Technology and Innovation Centres to drive growth in the UK’s most high-tech industries, it was announced today.

And what areas will be targeted?

Each centre will focus on a specific technology where there is a potentially large global market and a significant UK capability. Areas identified as possibilities by Hermann Hauser included plastic electronics, regenerative medicine and high value manufacturing. 

Plastic Electronics! Regenerative Medicine! High Value Manufacturing!

No mention of software or Information Technology. When I think of high-tech I think software. I don't think hardware. Maybe that's just me?

Ok, there's hope yet as the areas were only identified as "possibilities". What about giving some of that money to the highly innovative software services that are being developed through out the UK?


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