Google realtime search isn't real-time

27 Aug 2010

Google have released a real-time search site aimed at showing search results as it happens. The disappointing thing is that although I'm sure that the results are instantly updated on the server they are not instantly updated in the web browser - they are still polling for new results. This means that the instant you get your search results back that the information is out of date. If a new result comes in between the poll requests then you won't get that update until the next poll.

The experience that this delivers isn't real-time!

The news of the real-time search site was published on Reuters and I was really surprised to see no comment about this at all. They've clearly just reported the news and not commented on it.

I'm going to keep on posting about these annoying stories, products and services until people start treating real-time as real-time. Polling is not real-time. Push is real-time!


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