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21 Aug 2010

Just had a little idea for a website/web application that allows you to check when you are due to upgrade your mobile phone and a few other things. Something probably exists but here are a few ideas:

  • Enter the details of your mobile phone contract and the site then informs you, probably via email, when you are due an upgrade from your mobile phone provider.
  • If an offer comes up to upgrade early then it could let you know.
  • It could also monitor offers from your provider to make sure you are getting the most of your contract.
  • When you are due an upgrade it could help you find similar tarrifs on other mobile networks (I'm sure this is already available from a number of websites).

An important point about this service would need to be that your details would not be shared with any mobile providers unless you specifically asked for it to. I hate getting phone calls from people saying "your contract is about to run out...". I like to do the investigating myself and I also find that the information that these people have is out of date. An email is much less obtrusive and since it was set up by you in the first place it's much more likely to have the correct information.

I've had a check and, DueAnUpgrade and are available. They're probably not that catchy but they'd match what people search for.

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