Want to try out the Kwwika API but don't want to register?

19 Jun 2010

We're try to get more and more people using Kwwika and we feel that registering is maybe a barrier to entry. So, we've decided to give everybody access to our service. The only caveat is that we've just enabled access from your local development machine, assuming you can run a local application from http://localhost.

So, if you want to try out the Kwwika JavaScript API but don't want to register (yet), then go ahead. There's a topic that you can subscribe and publish to named /KWWIKA/SANDBOX.

You can even start building a Kwwika World Cup 2010 Real-Time Push Web App because we've give http://localhost access to the data you need to use to enter the competition:


If you need help getting started you can of course get in touch or start by going through our Real-Time Web Workshop. This workshop contains a presentation, a set of exercises and all the files (download) that you need to go through the exercises. This even in includes and executable webserver to run on windows, a webserver app to run on Mac and a python webserver to run on Linux (or any other python enabled machine).

So, why not start developing using Kwwika now. And if you like it, or are just damn good at developing real-time push apps, why not register and enter our World Cup 2010 competition.


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