The Real-Time Web World Cup Experience

13 Jun 2010

A number big players have come up with pages or applications in an attempt to draw World Cup fans into either combining using a laptop whilst watching the live games on television or using the application as their main view into the World Cup. The problem is that nobody has got it quite right. With a live event the data that you see in your World Cup web application needs to be correct with up to the second information or it loses its value. None of the big players have managed this. The data also needs to be relevant and of good quality. The Twitter application fails in this respect.

The BBC have adapted their standard look and feel to incorporate a video or audio component for their BBC World Cup 2010 presence. They also got a "live" commentary section, some team information and match stats. The commentary updates every 30 seconds. Updating every 30 seconds just isn't good enough. I want to see comments appear about the event that is happening now, not 2 minutes ago!

The ITV Live application has a lot going on. They've thrown in textual updates, facts, video replays, statistics and polls. I like the facts and the replays but the main failing on ITV Live is that you just don't feel that you want or need to stay on the website. It's not adding a lot of value to the World Cup experience. More needs to go into the "Get Involved" section as you can see from the screenshot below.

I quite like the Fifa application although it doesn't add much to the experience if you are also viewing the games live on television until you scroll down the page and see the "Have your say", "Fantasy", "Head-to-Head" stats and live groups standings section.

I'm really disappointing with the Twitter World Cup 2010 application. They've probably got more data than anybody else but the problem is they're not doing enough analysis on it, or giving the user the opportunity of doing some filtering. The data isn't real-time and you would have thought that they would be able to afford to put some effort into the application. We've thrown together a real-time application for the World Cup in a couple of hours to show off all the #worldcup tweets in real-time. At least our application has a bit of impact.

Now, to get to the point. All these big players have come up with an application for the World Cup but we're sure that developers out there could come up with something better. If you feel you could develop a better real-time World Cup 2010 application then why not enter our Kwwika World Cup 2010 Real-Time Push Web App competition? We will make all #worldcup tweets available to you and will also be adding some world class World Cup statistics data for you to use within you application. The developer who builds the best application will win an Apple iPad.

Go on, enter our competition and show BBC, ITV, Fifa and Twitter what a quality World Cup application should look like.


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