The death of "F5" Ah, I get it!

22 Jul 2010

I recently did an interview about Kwwika with Jane Adams for Innovation Focus Scotland. We chatted about what Kwwika offered, what our costing model is (or will be), what competition we have and how we will differ from that competition. I also responded to a questionnaire that Jane sent me which asked questions about innovation in Scotland and what the challenges that being based in Scotland were.

The following day I was looking through our website stats and noticed a few hits from an article on the Innovation Focus Scotland site with the title "The death of F5". It honestly took me about 10 seconds of repeating to myself "the death of F5", "the death of F5", "the death of F5" and then I twigged. When discussing Kwwika to Jane I explained real-time push using a common scenario:

When you go to a website with "live" information, such as a sports scores or frequently updating news site, and you want to check to see if things have updated you quite frequently refresh the page every so often, using the "F5" key, to see if any new information is available. If that website used Kwwika the website user wouldn't need to refresh the page. That page will always be up to date, to around 500 millisecond, with any new information that has been pushed through Kwwika and into the web page.

Sometimes I'm so engrossed in the technology that even though you use this scenario all the time, to highlight a simple and fundamental benefit to the user of real-time push, you forget just how beneficial it is to the user experience. It's a pretty simple concept and it really will lead to "the death of F5" since there will be no need for a user of a standard website to refresh the page once real-time push is introduced to it. F5 will be left to be used by developers who want to check the impact of their code change on their web page or application. Will the refresh button disappear as one of the main buttons in a web browser?

A big thanks to Jane for the article and for reminding me about a fundamental benefit of Kwwika and real-time push.


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