Add real-time news to your site with Google. Add any real-time data to your site with Kwwika

18 May 2010

It's been revealed that Google are going to release a version of their API that supports Real-Time news push. Real-time push technology has been around for ages and there are a number of technologies that allow you to host your own real-time push server. However, more recently hosted solutions have come about. Kwwika is one of these solutions.

However, why restrict yourself to just news updates when there are services such a Kwwika that allow you to add real-time push containing any data to your website!

If you have data that you want to push your data in real-time then you can use Kwwika to easily and instantly distribute your data to thousands of users. This can be great for showing the quality of your data and proving you use the most up to date technologies to give your data consumers a massive advantage. If you want to add real-time data to your website then you can easily subscribe to data and have it update instantly in your website.

Why not get in touch with Kwwika or sign up for the beta programme and see how you can either real-time push your data or add real-time push to your website, Rich Internet Application (RIA) or desktop application.


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