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Kwwika APIWith the real-time web being claimed by some to be one of the core components of Web 3.0 it’s unsurprising that we are seeing more real-time APIs and real-time mashups being developed. One mashup has just been created using Kwwika and Superfeedr to demonstrate how two real-time platforms can be integrated to create a real-time news reader application.

Superfeedr allows a developer to subscribe to any RSS feed and receive real-time notifications when a change is made to that feed. This is done either using PubSubHubbub or by polling the source if a push notification system is not available. More recently Superfeedr introduced the ability to track keywords within all the feeds that they are subscribing to. Once Superfeedr has an update it delivers it to your system via its API.

Kwwika (disclosure: author is a founder) is a relatively new platform used for distributing data between any number of systems or applications in real-time. They also provide APIs in a number of technologies including JavaScript, which means they make it easy to instantly push real-time updates into a web browser.

The Kwwika Superfeedr demo application gives the user the ability to subscribe to any RSS feed or track any keyword in real-time from within a web application by combining Superfeedr’s RSS subscription and keyword tracking functionality and Kwwika’s real-time web browser push to build what can be described as a real-time news reader.

The application has been developed using ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript and the source code is available on GitHub.

This post was originally posted on Programmable Web.

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  • A’braham Barakhyahu

    What happened to the asp mvc demo? Link is broken, and I don’t see it your Github projects anymore.

  • A’braham Barakhyahu

    Nevermind. Found it.

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